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6-Pack Fitness, located in Deptford, New Jersey, is a fully-equipped personal training studio that offers one-on-one personal training, small group training, group classes, nutrition consultation, and online training options for remote clients. 6-Pack Fitness is committed to creating lifestyle changes that incorporates exercise and smart nutrition as part of your daily routine. We have one body–why waste it?

About Ann Gruber

Ann Gruber is a personal fitness trainer, lawyer, and businesswoman, best known for her achievements as a national figure competitor and her abilty to deliver life changing results.

As a child, Gruber grew up in a small town of southern New Jersey where cow-tipping and riding 4-wheelers were the primary sources of entertainment. At the age of three, she was introduced to a tennis racquet and was rarely seen without it until she graduated from college. Competition and sports were a huge part of her childhood and tournament tennis occupied Gruber’s weekends for many years. Read More...

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Fitness Tip of the Day

The hardest part about starting and sticking to a nutritional plan (I try to avoid the word diet because everyone seems to attach such a negative connotation to that word) is, often times, the emotional hurdles that block our motivation.  Our thoughts and the negative messages we harbor are usually our biggest enemies.  I am […]

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